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SecurityJunky.com is a blog that I started with the sole intention to share my experiences related to hacking and finding vulnerabilities with the community. I am also into automation. So I will be sharing some of the custom scripts that I have written to automate a lot of things. If you are reading this and come this far, then just take a look at my latest blog post below. And if you are into hacking, I am sure it will interest you.

Happy Hacking my friend !!


ffuf on Steroids

Hello hacker Two weeks ago I published my first blog post Scanning JavaScript files for Endpoints and Secrets along with a hacky bash tool and got a very good response from the community. So decided to publish another custom script of mine which is written around the legendary tool by @joohoi . This post is …


Hi, I am Shantanu, currently working as an Associate Security Consultant at SecureLayer7 by day, and a hacker by night. I have helped identify security vulnerabilities for companies such as Verizon Media, Dell, Netgear, IBM, HotStar, EA Sports, Comcast, Telefonica Logitech, AT&T and Sony. I have been really passionate about hacking for a very long time. I have started this blog to share some of my experiences related to hacking and finding vulnerabilities. This is my humble attempt to give back to the community which has helped me to get here. Feel free to connect with me on Twitter, LinkedIn, by email or via the contact form.

Happy Hacking !!

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